It’s easier to love a brand when the brand loves you back.

I'll never judge you. I welcome all kinds of people no matter your race, religion, ethnicity, gender, etc. #loveislove

I make a customer, not a sale. It's only me and you from the first inquiry until we catch up after your wedding. 

I'm easy to contact. My couples love that actually, they deserve that! I use a variety of ways to communicate—email, video, calls, Instagram, in-person meetings, etc.—whatever is easiest for you.

I believe in printing your photos. In fact, 99.9% of my couples order wedding albums, and for good reason. I know that we live in a digital world, but why would you settle for that? Do you know how valuable having a drink or coffee with your wedding album every once in a while? Do you know how much that would inspire you to push and make progress in your life? For me that alone is priceless. 

I genuinely help you. If you need recommendations for other vendors I'll help you find what you need and true professionals that I've worked with before I will give you all the advice and resources I've gained over the years to help you plan, visualize, and execute your day.

I give back. A percentage of your invoice is automatically donated to Ocean Conservancy—ocean lover here—or any charity of your choice.


At the heart of my work, I believe in human connection, personally, it's essential to me and the asset of my business, at the moment literally I've built great relationships with my previous couples and here's how I achieved that:

- Ghazal + Majd

If you’re considering whether you should hire Chadi for your special event, I’d say you’d be making a huge mistake not to hire him, especially if your event is super special such as a wedding. We hired Chadi for our wedding that took place in Feb 2020 and we couldn’t be happier with his work or his personality. During our wedding day, he’s done an amazing job from two aspects:

 1. He has a great vision and timing of how what and when to shoot. He helped set up the scene to capture some of the most incredible pictures that we’ll carry with us for the rest of our lives. He captured our photos from the best angles and conveyed a high level of creativity and attention to detail. The photos speak very loudly for his talent. Please see his gallery to get a sense of his amazing work.

 2. This is the part that we didn’t expect and was just as important as the photos themselves. Chadi actually helped coordinate the day and ensure that my beautiful bride was happy all the time. He doesn’t wait for you to tell him what to do, he knows exactly what to do. If you’re like us and you’re marrying for the first time (and hopefully the last), you may not know all the small details of when to take the photos, what setups to have, etc. and Chadi brings his expertise to your special day along with his great attitude and smiles that he always keeps on. My wife told me that when she was getting ready at her house Chadi made sure she always got what she wanted or needed. He calmed her down when things got crazy and ensured that she was always happy. To me, that alone is beyond amazing! After the wedding, Chadi demonstrated an incredible level of professionalism. He has a very quick turn around for our wedding photos. We received them within a couple of weeks from the wedding. I, being myself, had multiple requests after the wedding regarding certain photos and Chadi always responded promptly and never displayed any hint of frustration. He was super patient with me and delivered on all my requests. I cannot be more grateful to Chadi for contributing to our wedding in such an amazing and memorable way. I’ll say it once more, if you do not hire Chadi you’re doing a huge mistake!

"He doesn’t wait for you to tell him what to do, he knows exactly what to do."